Labels in GraceDB

Labels are applied to events and superevents in GraceDB to indicate the state of that object. Some labels signify that an action is requested, while others signify that a follow-up process has completed and/or what the result of a follow-up process was. Here is a table showing the currently available labels and their meanings.

Label name Label description
ADVNO EM advocate says event is not okay.
ADVOK EM advocate says event is okay.
ADVREQ EM advocate signoff requested.
cWB_r cWB_r
cWB_s cWB_s
DQOK Data quality information is available and does not veto the event.
DQV Data quality veto.
EMBRIGHT_READY EM Bright information is available.
EM_COINC Signifies that a coincidence was found between gravitational-wave candidates and External triggers.
EM_READY Indicates data products associated with a Superevent’s preferred event are complete
EM_Selected Indicates Superevent has been selected to be sent out as a public alert and freezes the preferred event from updates
EM_SENT Has been sent to MOU partners.
EM_Superseded GraceID automatically passed over because another entry was thought to be more promising and to correspond to the same physical event.
EM_Throttled GraceID is ignored by automatic processing because the corresponding pipeline submitted too many events too quickly.
EXT_SKYMAP_READY External skymap is available
GCN_PRELIM_SENT A preliminary GCN has been sent.
GRB_OFFLINE Indicates that offline triggered GRB searches found something coincident with this event.
GRB_ONLINE Indicates that online triggered GRB searches found something coincident with this event.
H1NO H1 operator says event is not okay.
H1OK H1 operator says event is okay.
H1OPS H1 operator signoff requested.
HWINJNO There were problems with the hardware injection.
HWINJOK A hardware injection was successfully performed.
HWINJREQ A hardware injection is scheduled.
INJ Injection occured near this time.
L1NO L1 operator says event is not okay.
L1OK L1 operator says event is okay.
L1OPS L1 operator signoff requested.
LUMIN_GO Trigger satisfies basic automated checks and should be vetted by humans. Replaced by ADVREQ
NOT_GRB Event is likely not an astrophysical gamma ray burst
PASTRO_READY p_astro is available.
PE_READY Parameter estimation results are available
SKYMAP_READY Skymap is available.
SWIFT_GO Send notification to SWIFT telescope.
SWIFT_NO Do not send notification to SWIFT telescope.
V1NO V1 operator says event is not okay.
V1OK V1 operator says event is okay.
V1OPS V1 operator signoff requested.

Protected labels

A few labels are “protected”; i.e., they are only applied by GraceDB itself as part of another process. These labels cannot be applied manually by users and any requests to do so will be rejected by the server.

At present, the following labels are protected as a part of the signoff infrastructure and are only applied by GraceDB after an operator or advocate signoff: